SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme

Services We Provide

Since 2003 SchoolTrade has successfully applied the village principle to many aspects of education:


We have facilitated partnerships between underprivileged schools and engineers to improve schools’ understanding of maths and physics. Click here for more.
We have seen school - business partnerships resulting in infrastructure projects, such as, sports fields, classrooms and improved sanitation. On one occasion, we even helped project manage the construction of a pedestrian bridge for kids to cross the river during the rainy season!.
We have helped educators from privileged schools to share their skills with colleagues from needy schools, and in the spirit of partnership, the quality of teaching in both schools has improved.

Organizations are responsive to their work environment and since 2011 our main focus has shifted to field of career education. Our aim has been twofold:

To support The KZN Department of Education in its aim to deliver good quality school-based career education.
To help bridge the gap from school to the world of work. Many talented young people struggle to find training and employment in spite of achieving school and post school certificates.


Broadly speaking we offer two main services:
In September 2010 SchoolTrade responded to the dire need for locally produced audio- visual career resources in schools. The first of these videos was completed in November 2011. Certain districts within the KZN Department of Education have eagerly purchased the video-training package. Since March 2012 the programme is being rolled out in three- day workshops for career guidance teachers.

A key part of the training is the ‘Careers Conversation’ on Day 3. This is where we invite the wider community to advertise their training courses directly to Career Guidance teachers. See link


In 2011 SchoolTrade launched the ICC. The ICC is proving to be an innovative opportunity for two things:
a) For schools to access real career information and
b) For businesses to connect with schools and earn BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) points.


 Very few township and rural schools in South have adequate classroom furniture. This affects learning and classroom management
 Career guidance teachers doing group work in a SchoolTrade training- workshop in Ingwavuma in northern KZN
 Desiree Colborne from Xtec (PMB) poses with Grade 12 learners after an informative TATS (Take an Adult 2 School) visit arranged by SchoolTrade.