SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme

Schooltrade One-Day Careers Training Day for Learners

Many South African NGOs and youth groups are aware of the career uncertainty amongst young people about to leave school. They know that very few schools deal adequately with this important subject are and yet they feel ill - equipped to address the subject during their own contact time with young people. What to do?
Recently SchoolTrade has worked closely with two such youth organizations. We provided a one-day group-training for the young people and are considering a training intervention with the staff. We called the training day, 'Finding your Tribe' and the aim was to help young people identify their basic career interests. What a full day.
The post workshop evaluation forms provided helpful insights into children’s career difficulties and immediate needs. One of the young people wrote: I am interested in health work – where can I get information about training options? While career guidance is a highly specialized field most youth organizations would be able to assist the young person above. With a bit more training their staff could easily learn a whole lot of useful ways in which to support the career development of their members.
It takes a village raise a child – not just the Department of Education ...


 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 Very few township and rural schools in South have adequate classroom furniture. This affects learning and classroom management