SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme

Past Successes

Over the years we have tasted our share of frustration. We have also savoured some sweet successes:
One of SchoolTrade's major emphases is the linking of selected matrics with local (mainly) non-university, post-school training and career opportunities.


CASE STUDY: Training Force
In December 2009, 90 matric school leavers from underprivileged were selected for a level 3 Construction Seta Learnership .
Earlier in 2009 Training Force had been approached by Basil Read Construction to recruit candidates for the training. Basil Read intended to employ and further skill the best 30x candidates of the course.
Training Force contacted SchoolTrade and expressed their misgivings about recruiting unknown school-leavers on the programme. They were concerned about the high costs of recruiting 90x candidates from, possibly, thousands of newspaper applicants. They were also concerned about the high risk of failure, even for selected candidates. Some Learnerships in South Africa have drop rates of over 50%...
SchoolTrade trained Life Orientation teachers from four technical high schools to select potential candidates. We then conducted intensive aptitude testing for the final selection process. After they were enrolled Training Force made use of the respective school principals to address students when certain problems surfaced on the Learnership.
The end result was that fewer than five students dropped out of the course, the top 30x have begun careers with Basil Read and the remainder have greatly enhanced their employment and self- employment chances.

Another example of the facilitating service SchoolTrade provides is the recent experience with NTI (National Tooling Initiative of SA). NTI is an industry initiative to recruit suitable candidates to the Tool Making industry. NTI contacted SchoolTrade because they were not successful in attracting candidates to their career exhibitions in Pietermaritzburg. After some enquires SchoolTrade concluded that the reason for the lack of success was that most Life Orientation (LO) teachers a) had never heard of Tool Making as a career option and b) had been bypassed by NTI and were not involved in the marketing of the exhibitions to students.
SchoolTrade arranged for NTI to address groups of LO teachers and thereafter there was a dramatic increase in response. LO teachers were also able to assist their students with the completion of the complex application forms. Nearly half of the students on the 2010/11 NTI course in Pietermaritzburg were as a result of the SchoolTrade intervention.

The above examples all illustrate the key role of a connecting, bridging organization, such as, SchoolTrade in the South African development landscape. The examples also illustrate the critical role that trained Life Orientation (LO) teachers could play in skills development.    


 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme