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School Based Career Education

Effective career education requires a very special Conversation.

What do an office machine retailer, a bank, and two training institution have in common?
All four have all signed up for the first annual Join the Conversation exhibition with 40x Msunduzi career guidance teachers on Thursday 18 August.

Conversations are usually two- way exchanges of information. Good conversations will help both parties to plan, act and go forward.

All four of the above organizations have important information to share with local career guidance teachers. Therefore all four have Joined the Conversation. Take Xtec (PMB) for example: Most teachers know that Xtec is a well known retail business dealing with office machinery. But how many know that Xtec (PMB) is looking to fill a position and provide an opportunity for an entry level trainee in 2012?

How many know that African Bank is able to provide loans to parents who wish to finance their children's studies. Or that Training Force are specialists in involving appropriate school leavers with Learnerships or that Boston College offer short, affordable, high quality, training courses that provide good preparation for the world of work.

No guessing why so many career guidance teachers have applied to Join the Conversation.

Anthony Anley MD of Xtec (PMB) explained why his organization has booked a place at the exhibition: 'We have a specific candidate profile in mind but don't wish to sift through hundreds of unsuitable applicants. We will be at the exhibition on the 18th to inform career guidance teachers personally of our ideal candidate requirements. We will also provide them with all the necessary application deadlines and procedures'.

Ms Samke Busane a senior official in school based career guidance welcomed the exhibition as an important contribution towards career guidance in our region.

'Our career guidance teachers need to be able to inform school leavers of all the available training and work options for 2012. Too many young people think that their only hope lies in universities. When this does not materialize they are left without options'.

Perhaps your business would like to Join the Conversation and advertise your specific job requirements, bursaries or learnership offerings for 2012 with local career guidance teachers .

For further information contact Colin McKay from SchoolTrade at or at 0832365662.


 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
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 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme