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Career Guidance Training 4 Teachers moves to Phase 2

How does a training organization know whether its training from last year is actually being implemented by the course participants?
This year SchoolTrade is revisiting teachers who received training in 2012. During the Phase 1 training SchoolTrade was privileged to work with the KZN Department of Basic Education (DOBE) to bring additional skills to over 500x teachers in six KZN educational districts.
In the Phase 1 training teachers were taught eight specific skills for improving the quality of school-based career guidance.


Career Guidance across the curriculum (persuading teachers from other learning areas to incorporate career guidance in their lessons as well)
Starting a careers resource centre
Narrative counselling skills
How to arrange a TATS visit (Take an Adult 2 School)
Networking with the outside world
Using fun classroom career building exercises
Using the 1:1 Career Development record form
Showing the Career Calling DVD in lessons

So what did we discover 12 months later during our Phase 2 follow up?
First of all, please note that none of these skills is compulsory for schools. Therefore in every instance, where skills were implemented, teachers had gone out of their way and challenged the status quo.

During the Phase 2 follow up we found that 42% of the above skills were being implemented! Given the generally low priority that career guidance occupies in the majority of state schools this is a remarkable figure.
Thanks to:


Document Warehouse in Cato Ridge for the donation of a box filing system for each of the teachers
HWSETA for being our very first sponsor of the Phase 2 programme

SchoolTrade invites SETAS and NGOs with an interest in improving the quality of school-based career guidance to partner us in Phase 1 and Phase 2 workshops for Life Orientation teachers.


Career Guidance educators from schools in rural Nqutu, near Vryheid
figure out their surprise donations from Document Warehouse.


Mthoko Gumede from HWSETA updating rural teachers
about Learnership programmes in the Health and Welfare Seta.


 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 Eating from the garden
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 Very few township and rural schools in South have adequate classroom furniture. This affects learning and classroom management
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme