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Career Guidance Teachers Training Update

The final SchoolTrade LO teacher - training workshop for the year ended on a high note in Mtubatuba in KZN on 2 October 2012.

So far, In 2012, SchoolTrade has trained nearly 600 school based career guidance teachers in KZN. Teachers leave the training with seven skills that will help them to provide a basic career guidance service in their schools. The Department of Basic Education (Career Guidance Services) has undertaken to monitor and support the implementation of training in schools.

In so doing the Department of Basic Education is making a critical contribution to skills development in South Africa.


Currently up to 70% of South African school leavers (from 18-25years) are classified as NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training of any kind). In many cases the reasons are simply that school leavers a) don’t understand their own career interests and b) lack vital information about available training options.
Good quality school- based career guidance has the potential to deal with both of these reasons for the NEET phenomenon. It therefore comes as no surprise that the entire country is looking to the Department of Basic Education to deliver in the area of school-based career guidance

The last 2012 workshop in Mtubatuba (on 1 & 2 October) was unique in two respects:


1. Inspite of being scheduled in the school holidays it was well attended by Life Orientation teachers and departmental officials.
2. The workshop was funded and jointly presented by another great role player in skills development in South Africa, The REAP (Rural Education Access ) Programme. REAP’s interest in better trained career guidance teachers is perfectly obvious: The better the training and motivation of school-based career guidance teachers the better the quality of leaners that are referred to REAP for tertiary support.
And better quality students are likely to lead to higher success rates at tertiary institutions.

The chances are that your industry or organization would also benefit from better trained career guidance teachers. Contact SchoolTrade to enquire how you could partner us in a teacher training workshop in your region.


  Group of participants Mtubatuba.

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 Very few township and rural schools in South have adequate classroom furniture. This affects learning and classroom management
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