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Careers Exhibition a great success


Thursday 18 August was a big day for career education in 40 Msunduzi KZN schools.

What do an office machine retailer, a bank and two training institutions have in common?

All four were represented at the first annual Join the Conversation exhibition with 40x Msunduzi career guidance teachers on Thursday 18 August.
All four entities had important information to share with local career guidance teachers. Take Xtec (PMB) for example: How many career guidance teachers would have known that Xtec (PMB) is looking to fill a position and provide an opportunity for an entry level trainee in 2012?
How many teachers would have known that African Bank is able to provide loans to parents who wish to finance their children's studies? Without the exhibition LO (Life Orienation) teachers would not have known that Training Force is able to link suitable school leavers with business and technical learnerships.
Finally, Boston College offer short, affordable training courses that provide good preparation for the world of work.
The KZN Department of Education (Umgungundlovu) arranged for 40x Msunduzi career guidance teachers to Join the Conversation.
Ms Samke Busane, a senior official in school based career guidance, welcomed the exhibition as an important contribution towards career guidance in our region.
'Our career guidance teachers need to be able to inform school leavers of all the available training and work options for 2012. Too many young people think that their only hope lies in expensive traditional tertiary courses. This exhibition will set the record straight and provide motivated school leavers with a greater range of options.'
For LO teachers the most important insight from the exhibition was that they have the potential to play a strategic role in skills development in SA. Unfortunately that potential is not being fulfilled at present because LO teachers in township and rural schools are largely undertrained and under equipped for their roles.

SchoolTrade is working hard with Mrs Busane to remedy this situation.

One of the items on the exhibition agenda was the viewing of a careers video recently produced by SchoolTrade. For a preview click here or below.

 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
 SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme
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