SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme

Izandla Careers Club (ICC)


Learners from underprivileged schools need first-hand exposure to career information. It so happens that South African businesses require Black Economic Development (BEE) points, CSI projects, marketing and new ways of recruiting...
Is there a chance for win-win?



1. Your organization joins the ICC for 12 months.
2. The annual Fees = your required BEE spend in Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio Economic Development (SED) in order to score maximum points on the Scorecard. 
3. Qhakaza facilitates a TATS* visit for your business to a local township class (between January-June).
4. Report and photo appears in local print or digital press
5. Our partner organization Qhakaza facilitates a one-day Work Experience (WE) for an appropriate number of learners at your business (July-October).
6. Report appears in local print or digital press.
7. SchoolTrade submits documentation for CSI or BEE Scorecard

* TATS visit = Take an Adult to School. This is a 45min interview about your work and personal career journey for the benefit of a grade 11 or grade 12 class. Click here to view the video.



1. You have first choice of the most promising learners in the region should you be wishing to recruit for employment or bursary purposes.
2. Most TATS visits are wonderful 'connecting' opportunities and very personally satisfying. One of our clients remarked recently that the real benefit of ICC is about practical nation building...



ICC brochure


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 Desiree Colborne from Xtec (PMB) poses with Grade 12 learners after an informative TATS (Take an Adult 2 School) visit arranged by SchoolTrade.