SchoolTrade Adopt-a-School Programme

Our History

The quality of a nation’s basic education will shape its future…. Almost every aspect of life in South Africa is linked in some way to our educational outcomes: Skills development, economic development, the spread of HIV/AIDS, crime and inter racial attitudes are all informed by the quality of our school system.
Most commentators would agree that South Africa's basic education system has had a chequered history since democracy in 1994.
On the plus side there have been undeniable achievements, such as, the amalgamation of the various apartheid-type educational departments.
On the negative side some policy decisions have been politically motivated rather than educationally sound, teacher unions have played a controversial role and education remains as insulated from the wider community as it was in pre '94. Inspite of receiving most of the annual budget our Basic Education results remain dismal, even, when compared with other African countries.
Why the need for SchoolTrade? Quite simply, we believe that the 'village principle’ is part of the solution for South Africa’s educational woes. From school infrastructure to learning subjects to career education, schools would become real centres of education if the wider 'village’ were more involved….

 Toxic Mix by Graeme Bloch provides a good summary of South Africa’s education  strengths and weaknesses
 The wider village gets involved: Girls from The Wykeham Collegiate work with less fortunate peers from a nearby township primary school